The Virginia Choral Society is a nonprofit organization, and we exist due to the generosity of our patrons, our members, and our audience.  Without your support, we could not continue to bring music to Hampton Roads.  Names of persons who contribute $25.00 or more are invited to be listed in VCS concert programs.

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You can also make a donation at a concert!

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Every time you come to a concert (or sell tickets to a concert), buy one of our fundraising items, or become a member of the choir, you are supporting the mission of the Virginia Choral Society. Thank you!

The endowment fund is based on the principal being invested and inviolate for expenses. Only the earnings from this fund can be used for operating expenses. The endowment fund is managed by trustees named by the Board of Directors, who report to the Board annually on the status of the endowment.

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A gift to the endowment fund has the advantage of never being used up. Over time, earnings on the principal will far outweigh the value of the initial gift. Proceeds from the invested principal will initially supplement income from other sources. The Board of Directors hopes that in time the growth of the endowment will continue to grow in size and contributors support to greatly strengthen the Virginia Choral Society. To our many contributors, VCS is gratefully thankful for your support during the many years.