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Endowment Fund Form

Endowment Fund Form

The purpose of the VCS Endowment Fund is to provide a stable financial base ofncontinuing support to permit VCS to bring quality choral works to this community. Onlynthe proceeds from the endowment fund will be used to support needs of VCS. The endowment fund will permit the Virginia Choral Society to raise the level of programs that we present with orchestration, larger venues, and top-notch quality guest performers.
  • As you like it to appear in publications
  • $2,000 and Up
  • $500 to $1,999
  • $100 to $499
  • $25 to $99
  • Anything you can afford is appriciated!
  • How often would you like to renew your Gift to the Endowement Fund?
  • When would you like the renewal to end?
  • Please contact/send me informatoin about:
  • How would you like to make your contribution?