Help foster Music in our Community - Participate in our Spring Fundraising Campaign
Spring Fundraiser

Spring Fundraiser

  • Music is an integral part of our daily lives. We listen to music at sporting events, in restaurants, in our cars…virtually everywhere, but unlike viewing a work of visual art, music requires a performer, someone to interpret a work of music and present to an audience. For nearly ninety years, the Virginia Choral Society has been presenting choral music to the Tidewater area.

    The mission of the chorus is two-fold. First, to provide an exceptional musical experience for the community by performing concerts in local venues with affordable ticket prices to encourage those that might not otherwise be interested in attending. And secondly, to provide an exceptional musical experience for those with musical talent that want to join together to learn about and sing choral music. By holding down the cost of joining as much as possible, the Virginia Choral Society can offer this experience to a wide spectrum of talented singers.

    To provide choral singing in the Tidewater area at the lowest cost, we look to our patrons for support. Please think about giving to the Virginia Choral Society. If your interest in the Chorus is inspired by one of our fine singers, be sure to include their name with your donation.

  • Please provide the name of the person who referred you so we can acknowledge their effort!
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  • Your tax-deductible gift is greatly appreciated!