Music Markings Spring 2019

February 25th, Sarah added markings for three additional pieces, so there is now a total of nine pieces with markings.

Rehearsal Plans – Fall 2018

8/6/18 – Rehearsal 1 Down in the River Eatnemen Hymn of Acxiom Korobushka Twitterlieder (all but last movement) Hail Holy Queen   8/13/18 – Rehearsal 2 Pink Panther Baba Yetu Walking in the Air Hymn of Acxiom Twitterlieder Mr. Rogers Social Madrigal   8/20/18 – Rehearsal 3 Pink Panther Hymn of Acxiom Twitterlieder – Treasures, Busy, Scholars Mr. Rogers – Won’t You Be My Neighbor & It’s You I Like Baba Yetu Hail Holy Queen   8/27/18 – Rehearsal 4 Down in the River Hail Holy Queen Baba Yetu Pink Panther Twitterlieder – Scholars, Busy, Schoolyard Mr. Rogers – It’s You I Like, It’s Such a Good Feeling Eatnemen Vuelie Korobushka   9/3/18 – Rehearsal 5 Hail Holy Queen Royal Wedding Baba Yetu Hymn of Axciom Twitterlieder – OMG!, Treasures, Fiber, Mr. Rogers – It’s Such a Good Feeling Walking in the Air Korobushka

Chorus By-Laws

  [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Virginia Choral Society Bylaws”]